About designer


I’ve been interested in fashion design & creation since ever. My current work developed from my hobbies and things I love.

First of all – Fashion Dolls.

I’ve been collecting them for quite a several years – starting from Barbies, then Tonner and JoeTai dolls, but it was Fashion Royalty dolls that changed everything.

I absolutely adore FR dolls and don’t think that might change. My other area of interest is painting/repaint, I tried at one of my dolls, liked and since then I change my (and not only mine) dolls by giving them new faces.

But my biggest passion and love is fashion and everything that’s connected with it – creating, drawing, designing, sewing.

My inspirations & creation process

Sometimes I watch fashion shows, occasionally read fashion magazines, but biggest part of inspirations I draws from daily life especially from the street, watching people.

I think that I have my own style, I’m very young as a designer and it’s hard for me to talking about my work because for designer is impossible to be objective/impartial about my work, for sure my work is a huge part of my life and I’m thinking about it almost 24/7.

I feel very good in casual style, in my daily life I prefer casual wear (jeans & t-shirt rules!).  I don’t feel haute couture or evening spectacular gowns, (this is not my world, I’m simple girl 🙂 I love clothes which can be wear on the street, for me fashion is a good fun and relax.

I like and admire work of Polish fashion designer like Robert Kupisz, Gosia Baczyńska , Paprocki& Brzozowski, Łukasz Jemioł .

The love for fashion was planted many years ago by my Grandma. She taught me the basics and encouraged to continue me education in fashion school.

This is me – I am interested in many things and have to try everything by myself.

I belong to those lucky people for whom work is their passion…

Daga Mara